May 7, 2012

The evil genius who is Obama.

He served, not the people, but his agenda.  He betrayed his oath of office and engaged in legalized plunder of this great land of faith and freedom.  America has been fooled but not for long.

Lucifer rises to test the mettle of American bishops.


There is no doubt that the Church in America is being tried and tested.  Not that she hasn’t been through this before, and not that it is a test isolated to the American prelates – but let not this diminish the current reality in which we find ourselves.  Make no mistake: the American Church is at a crossing point, or rather at the point of the Cross.  If the events of the last four years are not evidence enough, the sufficient proof lies in the unprecedented, stalwart response by our Episcopacy to at least two events: the invitation of President Obama to speak at Notre Dame’s general commencement ceremony, and the recent attack on religious liberty by the Department of Health and Human Services led by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
Lucifer came from the words carrier of light because she was so bright and strong. She led even angels in rebellion against their Creator. Today, the Jesuits in Georgetown are doing the same. American bishops are now faced with the greatest scandal that will cause the church to split and sin. Many, like Cardinals Wuerl and OMalley are too afraid of the Democrats in their archdioceses that they stay silent and give the impression of consent. We will see soon enough who will stand up against today's Lucifer.

Bishop George Murry doing it right. Cardinal Wuerl fails.

"YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO, April 30, 2012, (  – A bishop in Ohio has become the latest to insist universities not host speakers who oppose the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion.
Bishop George Murry instructed Mercy College School of Nursing in Youngstown to disinvite State Representative Bob Hagan, a Democrat who supports abortion-on-demand, from delivering its commencement address.
The politician was to speak to students inside St. Columba Cathedral.
Bp. George V. Murry of Youngstown.
Bp. George V. Murry of Youngstown.
The invitation came “without any proper review by my office,” wrote Bishop Murry in a statement released on Friday: “While I respect and appreciate many of the social justice positions taken by Representative Hagan, it remains a fact that he also has consistently voted for pro-abortion legislation, policies, and funding.”"

Meanwhile, back in the ranch....
But Cardinal Wuerl says nothing to Georgetown for inviting Sebellius. Please email or call the chancery of the Archdiocese of Washington DC to know why. His negligence is hurting the Body of Christ - here in DC and across the nation. Evil will triumph if the good are timid and scared.

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