Mar 14, 2010

Desecration in Arch. of Wash. DC Church (My Journey)

Desecration is taking a consecrated item and not using it for God.  A church is a sacred space, specially the sanctuary.  Correct me if I am wrong, but to use it for a regular musical concert that is not part of any liturgical or para-liturgical service is desecration.  This is what I accidentally discovered tonight, but it may not be an accident.  Here's why.

We went to NJ for my mother-in-law's birthday yesterday.  After loading the van with luggages, all 4 kids and my lovely wife, I felt a strong urge to bring the camera - like something was going to happen.  So, I went back to the house for it.  I even told my wife, I have this strange urge to get the camera.  I hope there's not going to be an accident.  

Today, I took the kids to Mass but left my wife with her siblings for a serious a family caucus.  I told her that she has to be done by 2 pm, so that she can catch the last Mass in our parish.  But they took an hour longer.  So, when I reached the DC area I noted that we cannot reach our parish in time.  I did recall a church in the vicinity, so I took a chance and went there instead.  My lot was full so I dropped my wife off and took the kids in the playground.  After a few minutes, my wife came out and said, "There's no Mass.  It's a concert."  That's where the pictures came from.

Perhaps the Lord wanted me to see and show these because, he wants his churches to be a place of prayer and not a musical auditorium - like this is his way of complaining.  In case, you want to follow up, you may contact the Chancery of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.  They'll recognize the church as soon as they see the pictures.  

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