Aug 12, 2009

Untold stories about Card. Jaime Sin, Marcos the commies & his chance to become president

Cardinal Jaime Sin with President Corazon Aquino

At a party, Pres. Marcos made small talk saying, "The Americans are admirable in their efficiency. Only hours after the polls have closed and they already know the results." The Cardinal responded without any expression, "You need to admire your people Mr. President. Even before the elections, they already know the results."

At the end of many of his masses, I've heard him say, "We are not afraid to face the firing squad." And when stopped at the airport because he was black-listed he threatened, "I am not a subversive, but I can become one."

I've heard that he cried when he heard about the impending civil war. And he was given a chance to stop it with a proposal that if he would lead the nation, then the rebels and the government will unite behind him and stop the hostilities. He declined, "I don't want to become another Ayatollah Khomeini." He was the country's servant, but God's first.

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