Oct 6, 2010

Think of this and you'll live fully.

Saint Jerome by Van Cleve ( H/T Crescat)

(The ribbons are grandpa's.)

I can't get a skull from the unclaimed bodies at the morgue so,  I bought myself an urn.  I look at it every morning to remind myself that the cold box cannot hug my children.  It cannot say to them, "How proud you made me feel."  The box cannot put clothes in the washer to give my wife a hand or give her a little slap at the fanny to let her know how sexy she is to me.  The box cannot wash the poop from my toddler and tell her to use the potty nor can it protect the kids while they build a leaf pile at the front yard.  That box cannot push my seven year old girl at the swing or talk about the greatness of serving God in the priesthood or religious life.  That box cannot have a drink with a friend whose wife is divorcing him nor can it blog about the deceptions in Obamacare.  That box cannot go to a 7 am Mass and thank God for all His graces nor can it fast for past sins.  At death, life continues for it is changed and not ended.  But for me, I shall still grieve because I can no longer love the way I can while I had a body.

Oh yes, the title.  The saints used to say, "Think of death and you will never sin."  I say, "Think of death and you will live fully."

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