Jan 14, 2013

Are you getting your implant before the March deadline?

Obama's requests: for bills & to pay up. And he'll cut entitlements too.

I heard Obama telling Congress to pay up like someone who had eaten at a restaurant. He's got some nerve considering that he ran up the tab with his wasteful spending. He is like someone who went out with a group then ordered the House Special and the most expensive wine. When the check comes, he asks the others to split the tab even if the others had bottled water only. His hypocrisy incenses me - specially when he is just a usurper of the presidency.

The emperor is now ordering Congress to send a package of bills for him to consider to limit guns even further - like it is a foregone conclusion of the tragedies that happened. Well that conclusion is a non sequitur. Just because someone wound up a couple of wackos then turned them loose to kill kids does not mean that the right to own guns is at fault. That is asinine - like all things that he's done so far. But there he is, with the bully pulpit and the self-righteous indignation. Please, blow it off your shorts Obama. Your people are probably responsible for the deaths of the innocent just to advance your Commie agenda. Remember 2 words: Divine retribution. You may be able to weasel out of these crimes but you will face God and your race card will burn with you.

On entitlements:

Yeah but Obama lumps them all together and cut out first those that were actually paid for. So he can then say he reduced entitlements. Hypocrite. He and the other Democrats become the lowest scum suckers when they rob people's savings to lube their whores and parasites.

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