May 7, 2010

Video: Obama Working for Goldman Sachs?

"Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA The Examiner 2010-04-27 Glenn Beck breaks the biggest corruption story of the century yesterday and it doesn’t appear on a Front Page anywhere. Beck points the way to the 15 Trillion dollar scam that has some amazing players.(See full transcript here) First Glenn makes and astute point: If Goldman is really the bad guy, why are these people still on the job? The Goldman suit is a put up job!"  from

Video: See your baby's face in your womb using 4D technology.

My comments:   Video about 4D Voluson.  Does 4D mean 4 dimensions?

Video: Blacks Respond to the Race Baiting by Obama's Lapdogs

My comments:  I oppose Obama and his failed communistic ideology, culture of corruption, death and dependence.  When I express these, I have been labelled a racist - a colored one.  These liberals and Democrats are so intellectually challenged that they cannot pursue a linear argument without taking a detour into race baiting.  Was that supposed to shut me up?  Here are other people of color who oppose Obama.  They're even from his race, so the guess the race card can no longer be played.  Let's hear them and before that, watch in amusement how the liberal media is just so full of it as they use this lame, laughable and lousy technique.

Video: Andrew Breitbart: “The Left Is, in Essence, The Media”

My comments:  All the while, I've thought that the media is a tool of the messenger.  With the Obama regime, it is used to spread propaganda to gain the submission and support of the people.  Andrew presents another twist where the media becomes an actor by itself and not a lapdog.  It brings to mind the pornographers who profit by peddling smut.  The MSM are rational or intellectual pornographers who find the politicians as useful idiots to promote it's business.  My 2 cents.  Let me know what you think.

embedded video below

Video text:
The bias of the liberal media is so deeply ingrained that it is an essential part of its structure – one that conservatives must fight hard to challenge effectively, according to conservative new media guru Andrew Brietbart.

“The left, to me, in essence, is the media,” said Breitbart an interview with CBN’s Matt Brody.

Big liberal names like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, he explained, “possess limited charms.” “Their ability to get what they need to get done is because they’re carrying the water of the media,” said Breitbart. “The media is a left-of-center ecosystem, it’s a left-of-center organism. So the media can change the dynamics of what we’re talking about.”

Known for attacking liberal media bias head-on, Breitbart is a political commentator who owns his own news web site,, as well as the blogs Big Hollywood, Big Government and Big Journalism. He also serves as an editor for the Drudge Report.

“I aim everything at attacking the media for its biases and holding them accountable for their biases, and the things that they report incorrectly, or the things they fail to report,” he said.

“By aiming everything at the media I’ve pretty much done the one thing they ask you not to do. ‘Please accept the premise that we’re fair, and let’s move on.’ No. I’m not going to accept that premise.

“For these people to tell me with a straight face that they don’t come to the media and their jobs from a political perspective, from a left-of-center perspective, is just a bald-faced lie.”

When facing mistreatment by the media, Breitbart urged conservatives not to play by the rules as defined by the mainstream media. “These people don’t fight fair,” he said. “The left does not fight fair, and so I’m basically saying to conservatives, you don’t have to fight fair.”

“I want to break down this politically correct paradigm. These are rules that tell conservatives: you’re not allowed to say this, you’re not allowed to think that. This type of Orwellian thought crime crap is what I’m fighting against.”

While not strongly religious himself, said Breitbart, the attack on Christians perpetrated by the mainstream media “angers me to no end.” “I consider myself to be a Judeo-Christian. … I relate to the world view that America has,” he said. “It’s a distinctly Judeo-Christian one and I think that it works.”

But Christians, he said, will only exacerbate the problem if they continue to react passively to media slander. “Christian turn-the-cheek tactics do not work agianst this crowd,” he said.


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