Nov 27, 2012

Existential proof that the God of Israel (& Christians) and islam are different

Even if God is one, the muslims' is totally ungodly making it not really the same God of goodness, truth, righteousness, justice, beauty and peace. The god of islam is more like a demon pretending to be god.

300 muslims sexually attacks 3 women in Tahrir Square

Story here:

Christians won't do that. 

US-led NATO intervention begins in Syria war. Obama to empower Muslim brotherhood there.

Rand Paul: Why do we have to trade tax increases just to get entitlement reform from Democrats?

Because the GOP is weak.

muslims in Gaza intentionally attracting civilian casualties for propaganda

A Hamas multiple rocket battery inside a residential building.

The Majority votes themselves an income paid by the minority.

Extortion by the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The minority with the income should do something other than pay up.  Money can make things happen.  

Taxing the "rich" - diversion from failed policies

Taxing the rich is just another straw man that Obama uses to shift blame from his policies. If people do the Math, taxing the wealthy doesn't not generate revenue to make a dent. It is just the Democrats' deception to subtly hint that Republicans and corporations and the rich guys are to blame.

 GOP is going to be played again as they are about to renege on their pledge and raise taxes. But instead of lowering the deficit, Obama and his Democrats will take these new tax revenues to enlarge the government further by adding useless bureaucracies and regulators. So, the GOP base will be incensed and lose trust and the Democrats will be ROFL as they fatten their base with yet another pseudo welfare activity.

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