Aug 1, 2009

Inspiration for Philippine Velvet Revolution Dies

In prayerful remembrance of Mrs. Corazon Aquino - the servant leader of an oppressed people.

A people led by a simple housewife and the Spirit of God has overcome a powerful and oppressive government. That housewife in the person of Cory Aquino has gone to her heavenly home. Our hearts & prayers are with her.

The video depicts the historic bloodless revolution with the song about unity in the background. It is the paradigm used by Mahatma Gandhi to free India from Britain and by Lech Walesa to free Poland from Russia. It is inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ who died to free us from the reign of Satan.

As we recall the past, we look to the future and see where oppression needs to be overcome by unity - this time by the unity not just of one nation but of the whole world. Let us now support the Iranians in their struggle.

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