Dec 9, 2012

How muslims operate.

Wake up before they're in-charge. At that point, you're at their mercy. The bad news is, they have none.

Syrian muslims gas civilians and blame government to draw US into conflict

Rush to buy guns in the USA. Tips.

* People are buying guns these days because they fear legislation which will restrict and make it much difficult to obtain a firearm. All this UN treaty gimmicks are ways for Obama and his Liberals to restrain the patriots. However, such a law will most likely not be retroactive. So, guns bought before are "grandfathered".

* I recommend Glock 19 9 mm because it is light and the ammo is cheaper and more readily available. It is made of 'plastic' and aluminum so it won't rust. And it can be converted to a 22 easily and has a small handle for the ladies. A Gen 3 is just a good as a Gen 4 but will save you a hundred or so.

Chrislam: Diabolical trick to deceive Christians into devil worship

islam is not from God. If so, then the other place would be from God's enemy.

Egypt rises up against Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood.

''A picture to be sent to the White House, the State Department, the Washington Think Tanks and the Ivy League Middle East Studies programs: Millions in Cairo are demonstrating against the Islamist regime in Egypt. Bloggers, Facebook citizens and free media must post this picture as evidence that the people of Egypt are rejecting the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists. The US Congress must suspend Financial Aid to the Egyptian regime until Morsi resigns." -- Dr. Walid Phares -- Comment Obama and the lame stream media will try to downplay this because it does not support the muslim agenda. Thanks to social media, the world will know how the Egyptians are as smart as their predecessors and are rejecting the insanity of islam. The Obama admin has invested BILLIONS in this decadent and decrepit cult of violence but to no avail; thank God. Yet another epic failure of this ignorant and malicious administration. Pathetic and disgusting.

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