Nov 5, 2010

St. James the Apostle Leads Spaniards Against Moors

 His remains are enshrined in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain - the third holiest town in Roman Catholicism after Jerusalem and Rome.  If videos fail, go to

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is getting ready for the Pope Benedict's visit.  Is he going to call for a Crusade against the Muslims who prey on helpless Christians around the world?

In the Gospels, we read that St. James is a hothead, asking the Lord to send fire and brimstone to the unbelieving towns.  I guess the Lord uses people, even with their tempers, for good.

Video:  River of Light. A short clip of Spain's struggle with the Muslims. St James the Apostle, Patron of Spain, secured a win in the battle with the Muslims over a tribute of 100 virgins to the Muslim Caliph.  The caliph can get his own virgins in hell.

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