Apr 28, 2011

Obama's Forger Copied Info from Kenyan Birth Certificate. See images here.

"And now, let’s compare the birth time and the dates of the signatures on your long form cert abstract to the Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa, British Proctectorate of Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama II Certificate of Birth to one another. I’m sure you see what I see, Sir. Your boy genius, the Official Document Maker Czar, has just effectively tied you to the Kenyan Birth Certificate a Lucas Smith bribed to get from Kenyan officials." from GiveUsLiberty

My comments:
It could not have been the other way around as the long form has been strictly guarded
Also, if they can check if the footprint matches, then that will settle it.
Right now, the POTUS looks like a fake.  Would that invalidate all his orders?  I certainly hope so.

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Anonymous said...

i guess there's no reasoning with bigots.

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