Jun 14, 2011

Church History in 4 minutes (video)

If video fails, click here or go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/06/church-history-in-4-minutes-video.html

Pentecost, Palestine, Barbarians, Paul gets a sign
Neglected widows, martyred Stephen, Gentile vs. Jew
New Téstament, getting tribal, Gnostic gospels, Holy Bible
Jamnia, Revelation, word of God is true
...Martyrs, Di-ocletian, Polycarp, Domitian
Church learns, Nero burns, Christians underground
Chi-Rho, basilica, Vita Evangelica
Nicea, Who was Jesus, Christians start to rebound

CHORUS: We didn’t start the fire
It’s been always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
Though we didn’t light it
And we cannot fight it

St. Patrick, Monastery, Visigoths are pretty scary
Pope Leo, St. Jerome, forgetting how to read
Mohammed writes the Koran, Convert or die to Islam
Where’s the Pope, church brings hope, the Venerable Bede
Dark ages, knights and pages, east & west will split in stages
Monks’ skuills, cathedrals, Charlemagne starts to reign,
Methodias, Constantinople, Peasants, clergy, serfs & nobles
Augustine, Irene, everything goes Byzantine

Cluny, bubonic plague, Vikings, Saracens invade
William conquers, priests & monks, and Jerusalem gets sacked
Flying buttress, St. Claire, célibacy, worship Mary
Knights Templar, stained glass, Sultan Saladin gets whacked
Mendicants, Avignon, Albértus Magnus, Genghis Khan
Aquinas, Maimonides, Gentle Francis óf Assisi
Summa bono, Faith & reason, say God bless you when you’re sneezin’
Just War, Crusades galore, but who are we fighting for?

Competing popes, not much hope, Joan of Arc makes her mark
John Wycliff, Thomas Kempis, Canterbury Tales
Michelangelo, Siena, Leonardo and Vienna
Reformation, printing press, Guttenberg prevails
John Calvin, Erlich Zwingle, indulgences for the kingly
Martin Luther pounds the door, Here I stand, I’ll do no more

King James Bible, John Locke, Galileo, J.S. Bachj
Anabaptist, Guy Fawkes, Blaise Pascal, John Knox
Puritans preach denial, Salem witches go on trial
Enlightenment or transcendance, we declare our independence
Whitfield makes us all Awaken, Pentecostals get us shakin’
Darwin teaches evolution, Marx preaches revolution
Jesus freaks, immigration, nuclear annihilation
Overwhelmed by information, who will save this generation?

CHORUS: We didn’t start the fire
It’s been always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
And when we are gone
It will still burn on and on and on and on....

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