Nov 19, 2016

Bishops are obliged to excommunicate pro-abortion politicians for the future of the Church and of humanity.

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians are not only responsible for tens of thousands of abortions in the USA because if Pelosi & Biden go up and obfuscate about the immorality of abortion and their bishops do nothing, then a lot of Liberal Kool-Aid gulping educated & cultured Catholics come out with the conviction that abortion is neutral, not really that bad. And these people pass the deception to their children and vote for more politicians who support abortion. Before you know it, the Christian population has zero growth as the future gets aborted every generation. And the muslim horde, inimical of anything Christian, lies by the sidelines waiting and having others pay their way as they reproduced 10 fold. God has inspired Canon Law to mandate that bishops excommunicate abortion proponents among Catholic politicians. And bishops who shy away from this unpleasant task are destroying the Church and are being remiss with their duties. If they cannot uphold the Church's laws, then they are obligated to tell Rome that another bishop may be more effective in shepherding the Christian community, Christ's flock.

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