Nov 19, 2016

Easier for the bishop to beat up the ruddy masses in the pews than to speak the salvific truth to the politically powerful Catholic.

Bishops ignore the mandates of canon or Church law for pastoral reasons i.e. to save the sinner. However, I do know of an abortion provider in Texas who got excommunicated faster than a NY minute. And then there's Biden, Pelosi, Kaine, Sebellius and many more politicians who are given a pass. It is easier for a bishop to browbeat the ruddy masses at the pews about being humble & forgiving instead of excommunicating a powerful representative or vice-president for supporting abortion even if Church law clearly defines this consequence for pro-abortion Catholic politicians. But it is less risky to exhort the congregation to be merciful than to bring the ire of someone powerful in government who can start investigations, levy fines and impose regulations that are oppressive. Bishops are supposed to be shepherds of the flock by defending it from wolves, not politicians themselves who risk scandalizing the weak, naive & credulous by their horse trading and gaming. We need to pray for our bishops just as they need to pray for courage and wisdom that they may see also the interests of the simple believers and not only the sophisticated politician or the very least their own selfish interests. Let those whose hearts are open, hear & see & do.

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